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Abandoned Pup by the Garbage Heap

Upon receiving a call from a neighbor, I rushed to the garbage cans where homeless dogs lived to find a puppy on the brink of death with a broken leg and bite marks on his body.

After rushing him to the vet clinic, an X-ray revealed that his lungs were broken and causing pressure on his heart, along with severe internal bleeding and difficulty breathing.

The first night was a horror as the tiny puppy screamed and fit, and I stayed up for two full nights to support him. Though I’ve been bitten several times while giving him fluids, I’m proud to have helped him survive, but worry about the mental and physical issues he may face in the future

Carlos, as I’ve named him, is gradually improving, and I hope time will continue to improve his health. Nonetheless, I’m grateful that this angel didn’t perish on the street.

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