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Noa Was a Dog Rescued in a Horrific State

In the world of animal rescue, we often come across heartwarming stories of love and devotion. In this deeply emotional article, we pay tribute to an extraordinary man, Greg, who recently passed away. Greg was not only a loving adoptive father to Noa, a severely abused and injured dog, but also a true friend to the animal rescue community. His story, filled with compassion and selflessness, will forever be remembered by those whose lives he touched.


Greg, a towering figure with a seemingly tough exterior, had a heart of gold. He was well known within the animal rescue community for his unwavering commitment to saving animals in need. Greg’s home was a sanctuary for several rescued dogs, predominantly Podencos, a breed often mistreated in their native Spain.

Five or six months before his passing, Greg approached Victor, a fellow animal rescuer, at a hospital where they were both attending to separate cases. He introduced himself with a firm handshake and offered his help whenever it was needed. Little did Victor know that Greg’s offer would later save Noa’s life.


Noa was a dog rescued in a horrific state. After undergoing multiple surgeries in just a few days, her future was uncertain. The rescue team needed a safe place for Noa to recover, close to the hospital. That’s when Greg offered his home and heart to Noa.

Victor and his colleague, Alex, visited Greg’s home to assess the environment for Noa’s recovery. They were greeted by a harmonious pack of dogs, living in a loving and stable environment. It was clear that Greg had dedicated his life to his animal friends, transforming their lives as much as they transformed his.

Greg had openly shared with Victor his struggles with depression and how these rescued dogs had saved him. In turn, he provided a haven for Noa, and their bond grew stronger each day. Greg lovingly referred to Noa as his “little shadow,” a testament to the connection they shared.


Greg’s sudden passing left the animal rescue community devastated. The impact of his loss reverberated through those who knew and loved him, both humans and animals alike. As Victor grappled with the news, he recalled an interview with actor Keanu Reeves, who spoke about the certainty of missing those who pass away. And indeed, Greg’s absence will be deeply felt by all who knew him.

The animal rescue community, represented by Victor and Alex, attended Greg’s funeral, ensuring that his love for animals and his incredible spirit would never be forgotten. They vowed to take care of Greg’s dogs, ensuring they would be well looked after and find loving homes.


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