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The Dog Used to Be Sick and Emaciated and Now

In a world where beauty and youth often take precedence, a tragic tale of abandonment and neglect unfolded, leaving behind a once-vibrant soul who had fallen victim to the callousness of society. […]

The Dog With the Weirdness on the Shoulder

In the unending expanse of life’s journey, we often encounter tales that pierce through the veneer of our routine existence, compelling us to confront the raw, brutal realities of life. One such […]

Stray Puppy With Injured Leg

This narrative traces the resilient journey of a little pup named Manjari, whose life took an unfortunate turn when she found herself in the hands of RRSA India, bearing injuries to her […]

The Dog’s Rib Cage is Bent and Twisted

In the early morning light, a lone figure lay on the side of the road. A passerby noticed the creature, an innocent dog, sleeping peacefully, oblivious to the bustling world around her. […]