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Dog Rescued From the Clutches of Tar

The look of utter terror on his face broke our hearts. A small puppy had gotten stuck in tar, and he couldn’t move an inch. His joints were trapped inside his skin, […]

Puppy Almost Blind Due to Maggot Attack

When our rescue team received the call about a tiny puppy in distress, we knew that we had to act fast. The puppy was less than a month old and his eyes […]

Rescue the Wolf That Fell Into the Water

For most people, helping others in need is a natural instinct. This is also true when it comes to providing assistance to animals in distress. An Italian couple, hiking through the woods […]

This Pregnant Dog Refuses to Give Birth

Chris and Marisa embarked on a journey to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Ohio. Already having eight dogs at home, the couple was intrigued by a unique newcomer at the shelter. […]

Carbon Reveals His Gaunt and Bony Body

At only four months old, a little dog named Carbon was found in an emergency condition on the streets, alone and without his family. His story of survival, hope, and the power […]