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Pipsqueak: Rescued Tiny Dog Barks Like a Duck

Pipsqueak is not your typical dog. Weighing in at a mere 1.8 pounds, she is about the size of a guinea pig. When her current owners first took her in, her estimated lifespan was only six more months. But eight years later, she is still going strong, defying all expectations and inspiring everyone around her.

Pipsqueak’s journey began when she was rescued from a puppy mill situation by a local animal shelter. She was placed in a foster home, but the foster father had to undergo a lung transplant, and all the pets had to be relocated. That’s when Pipsqueak’s future owners came into the picture.

Kelsey and her husband had just moved to Indiana and were contacted by the foster mother, who knew Kelsey from before. They were asked to take in this special needs dog for a temporary foster. Little did they know that Pipsqueak would steal their hearts and become a permanent member of their family.

Pipsqueak’s physical challenges are related to poor breeding at the puppy mill. Being a small dog, she was likely bred from runts, which resulted in health issues. Her new owners had to provide around-the-clock care, including numerous surgeries and medication schedules. But they were up for the challenge and went above and beyond to give her the best possible life.

Pipsqueak’s resilience and fighting spirit have been an inspiration to her owners and everyone she meets. Despite her physical limitations, she has a strong voice and communicates with her owners through different barks and “quacks.” She loves pickles and even wears guinea pig clothes in the winter to stay warm.

Pipsqueak’s impact on her owners’ lives has been significant. They have since adopted six additional small dogs with special needs or behavioral issues. They refer to their home as a “dog house,” and every new arrival is welcomed by Pipsqueak, who becomes the “welcome committee.”

But Pipsqueak’s impact goes beyond her immediate family. She is a therapy dog and has touched the lives of many children and adults. Her ability to bond with others, despite her physical challenges, is nothing short of remarkable.

As Pipsqueak gets older, her owners cherish every moment they have with her. They never expected to have this much time with her, and they want to make every moment count. Pipsqueak may be a small dog, but her impact on the world is immeasurable.

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