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Rescuing Sunny and Her Puppies

Sunny, a beautiful dog, was found in a forest area, heavily pregnant and struggling to survive. She had just given birth to her puppies and was attacked by wolves while trying to protect them. It was a tough time for Sunny, but we knew we had to act fast to rescue her and her little ones.

We rushed to the forest and brought Sunny to her temporary home, where she could rest and recover from her ordeal. It was important to provide Sunny with a comfortable and safe space, where she could nourish herself and produce milk for her puppies. We made sure to give her plenty of food and water, as well as love and attention, to help her feel calm and secure.

Taking care of so many puppies was not easy. Sunny was understandably upset and depressed, and lost 11 kg during this time. We created a separate space for her and her puppies, which we cleaned regularly to ensure it was hygienic and free from harmful substances. As the puppies grew more active, we made sure to provide them with enough space to play and explore.

Sunny and her puppies were spayed and neutered, and received all the necessary medical treatments, including vaccinations. We took care of them until the puppies weaned and grew up. Then, Sunny was adopted to a loving family in Berlin.

It was important for her new family to provide Sunny with everything she needed to be happy and healthy. This included plenty of opportunities for exercise and play, such as taking her for walks or runs, playing fetch, or providing her with toys to keep her entertained.

Through our love and care, Sunny and her puppies were able to overcome a difficult time in their lives. Today, they are happy, healthy, and living their best lives with their forever families. We are grateful to have been a part of their journey and to have helped them find a second chance at happiness.

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