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A Poor Soul is Starving, Wandering the Streets Alone and Scared

We got a report for help, a poor soul starving to death, literally, wandering the streets afraid and alone, its truly heart breaking. And that poor soul was Sassy, a tiny dog weighing just 2.9 kilos when she was rescued. She was so close to death that the team was not sure if she would make it.

They tried to feed Sassy some aozi, but she wouldn’t touch it. They then gave her some chicken breast, and she was all over it. She absolutely devoured it, so they decided to buy her some more later.

For the next few days, Sassy was weak, and her appetite was not so good. She was still on IV, and the team had to do blood tests to see if her red blood cell count had improved. But despite her weak condition, there were some signs of improvement. Sassy started to eat again, and she was gaining strength. Her red blood cell count was starting to rise, and she was even starting to get some pink color back in her gums.

By day 5, Sassy was off IV, and she had gained some weight. She was now wearing a cone because she started biting her foot, which was a little bruised and swollen from the IV. But despite her challenges, Sassy was getting stronger and stronger every day. She was even starting to show her fiery personality, chasing other dogs and people she didn’t recognize!

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. Sassy continued to gain weight, and she was becoming a beautiful and healthy dog. She even went on her first adventure outside on a leash, and she was a natural! She had her first proper bath, and she was such a good girl.

Now, looking at Sassy, it’s easy to forget how weak and fragile she was. She is now a fiery, furry friend who has a ferocious appetite, chases other dogs, and initiates play. She has transformed from a starving stray to a sassy and healthy dog, thanks to the incredible efforts of the rescue team who never gave up on her.



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