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He Dog Was in a Terrible Condition, Suffering From Severe Scabies, With Nowhere on His Body to Be Smooth, and a Terrible Stench

A lady sent us this picture of her neighbor’s dog, who had been left chained up and neglected. When the neighbor found out about the report, he heartlessly kicked the dog out onto the street. The dog, who had scabies, had been begging for food, but no one would give him any because of his condition.

Feeling sorry for the dog, we decided to ask the owner to let us adopt and treat him. The dog was in a terrible condition, suffering from severe scabies, with nowhere on his body to be smooth, and a terrible stench. He showed no fear, only sad eyes as a lack of love. He sat still to be shaved, but he didn’t have much hair left to shave.

The veterinarian advised us to be patient with bathing, sun exposure, taking and applying medicine. We provided him with skin and hair care, vitamin supplements, and the prescribed medicines from the vet. Despite his condition, he was cute and even sat still for us to apply medicine. We even bought him a toy, but he preferred going for walks and loved showering, especially when he got a head massage.

We named him Orange because of his fur color, and he rarely barked. When he met someone new, he happily wagged his tail. Gradually, his condition improved, and neighbors even thought he was an expensive breed of dog.

However, Orange’s severe scabies was caused from within, and the vet found out that he had a weak liver and kidneys, causing the rash to spread and cause skin infections. We combined medicine and nutrition to improve his condition, and he gradually became active and sometimes quite naughty, breaking things around. Nevertheless, he would show an innocent face when he got scolded.

Now, he’s a happy dog who enjoys his meals and gets excited every time he sees his owner come home from work. Despite his past, Orange has found love and a new lease on life, thanks to his caring new family.

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