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Mother Dog Uses Her Body to Protect Her Cubs

I received a call from the construction workers who had discovered a mother dog and her seven puppies living under their site. They were in dire conditions, with no food or water, living in a dirty, humid shelter. I knew I had to act fast to save their lives.

As I approached the family, they looked at me with mistrust and fear. They didn’t know what was going to happen to them, whether I was going to harm them or show them love, whether I was there to be their salvation or their death.

I spoke to them softly, trying to calm their fears, and showed them actions of love. Thankfully, the mother dog was young and gentle and knew how to interact with people. My first priority was to give them all a bath and wash away the dirt and mud that had stuck to their fur.

Next, I took them for a health check. The mother dog was healthy, but unfortunately, her puppies had high fevers after being exposed to the rain. Four of them had diarrhea and vomiting, and their digestive systems were not functioning well. After several days of taking medication, Dabok and her puppies had significantly improved health.

To differentiate between each puppy, I used a necklace of different colors and wrote their names on it. I rewarded them with delicious hot soups on cold winter days. When the time was right, I would find them all a new home. Although it would be a long journey, I knew it would be worth it as they would be in a much better place.

Every day, I spent my free time with Dabok and her family. They grew little by little, surrounded by love. Although they were born in the grass and rescued from heavy rain, their future shone brightly like love and warm sunshine.

Dabok’s mother was kind and had a strong maternal love. She always obeyed everyone’s feelings. I hoped that they would all find good and happy owners in the future.

As the days passed, I knew the time was approaching when I would have to say goodbye to these little angels. I kept the best moments and images of them in a corner of my heart, knowing that I would miss them dearly.

Before they went to their new homes, they were fully vaccinated and dewormed. The most important thing was for them to forget all their memories of me and live a full life with their new owners.

This was a story of love and hope. It was a story of how one small act of kindness can make a big difference in the lives of animals in need. It was a story of how rescuing animals can change their lives and the lives of those who rescue them. Dabok and her puppies were no longer living in fear and hunger, but in a world full of love and warmth, and that was all thanks to one person who cared enough to make a difference.

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