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The Animal Was Extremely Emaciated, Wounded on the Face, and Covered in Dirt and Feces

It was a cold winter day in Szczytnica, a small town in Poland, when the animal welfare organization “Paws and Claws” received a call about a severely malnourished dog living in a […]

It was a cold winter day in Szczytnica, a small town in Poland, when the animal welfare organization “Paws and Claws” received a call about a severely malnourished dog living in a run-down apartment building. The caller reported that the dog’s owner was a notorious drug addict and criminal, and that the animal was in dire need of medical attention.

A team of volunteers from “Paws and Claws” rushed to the scene, accompanied by a local veterinarian. They found the dog, a black and white mongrel, chained to a radiator in a small, filthy room. The animal was extremely emaciated, wounded on the face, and covered in dirt and feces. In the mouth, instead of teeth, there was dung. The stench was unbearable, and the volunteers had to wear masks to avoid vomiting.

The dog’s eyes were sad and empty, and he could barely stand on his feet. He had huge inflammations in his mouth, which manifested in pus flowing from the roots, causing unimaginable pain. The animal’s progressive cachexia caused apathy and staggering. It was a heartbreaking sight, and the volunteers knew they had to act fast to save the dog’s life.

They named the dog Astor, after the famous hotel in New York City, hoping to give him a new, dignified identity. The veterinarian performed a series of tests on Astor and found out that the dog did not have bone cancer, as the owner claimed. Instead, Astor’s condition was caused by severe starvation and neglect. The dog had not been properly fed or cared for in years, and his health had deteriorated to a critical level.

The volunteers were outraged by the owner’s cruelty and neglect. They learned that the man was a local “mafioso” who had been in and out of prison for various crimes, including drug trafficking and assault. He had acquired Astor as a puppy, but had soon lost interest in the animal, leaving him to suffer in squalor and hunger.

The owner claimed that Astor was starved to death by his friend while he was in prison, but the volunteers knew that it was a lie. The dog was still alive, but barely. They decided to take Astor into their care and give him the medical attention and love he deserved.

The first priority was to provide Astor with proper nutrition and hydration. The dog was given a special diet of high-quality dog food, rich in protein and vitamins. He was also given fresh water, which he drank eagerly, as if he had never tasted it before.

The second priority was to treat Astor’s oral infections, which were causing him immense pain and discomfort. The veterinarian prescribed a course of antibiotics and painkillers, which gradually reduced the inflammation and pus. Astor’s wounds began to heal, and he could finally open his mouth and eat without pain.

The third priority was to address Astor’s overall health and well-being. The veterinarian performed additional tests on Astor’s thyroid and pancreas, which revealed some abnormalities. However, with proper treatment and medication, Astor’s condition could be managed and improved.

The volunteers at “Paws and Claws” were determined to give Astor a second chance at life. They created a special room for him at their animal shelter, with soft bedding, toys, and lots of love and attention. They took him for walks and playtime in the park, where he could run and explore freely.

As Astor’s health improved, the volunteers decided to take him to a dental specialist for oral sanitation. The procedure was long and difficult, as Astor had to undergo anesthesia and multiple extractions. However, the results were remarkable.