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Dog Severe Skin Parasitic Infection, Anemia and Multiple Trauma

Potchie was found abandoned and in dire need of help. Suffering from a severe skin parasite infestation, high infection, anemia, and previous trauma to his hip and femur bones, he also had cherry eyes that hindered his vision. Seeing Potchie’s condition, it was impossible not to be moved by the immense pain he must have endured.

Potchie’s road to recovery began with regular baths, massages, and therapy sessions aimed at helping him regain strength and mobility. In addition, he was given bone and joint supplements to support his overall health. Before Potchie could undergo surgery to correct his cherry eyes and be castrated, it was crucial to ensure he was strong and stable enough.

Over time, Potchie began to show signs of progress. His skin cleared up, the swelling around his eyes decreased, and he started to regain some mobility. Although still bald in some areas, his transformation was evident in the latest photos.

To further aid Potchie’s recovery, an adjustable wheelchair was acquired to help him move more easily. With increased exercise and therapy sessions, including swimming, Potchie’s caregivers hoped that he would eventually be able to stand and walk on all fours once again.

As Potchie continued to grow stronger, he became more mobile and agile. His caregivers were overjoyed to see the improvements in his health and were determined to keep supporting him through his journey to full recovery.

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