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My Goodness, Look at Him, My Heart Aches

Good morning to all of our followers around the world, and a special shoutout to a follower we have in Mendoza, Argentina. His name is Quique and this video is for him and his son Alejo, who wants to be a YouTuber. So, this one’s for them.

We’re going to introduce you to a cat we rescued a long time ago named Dali. He was abandoned by a cat breeder because he wasn’t functioning properly as a stud cat. He wasn’t interested in the job and also had heart and digestive problems. Poor Dali was in terrible shape. But we were able to save him and he’s now a special cat.

Dali is a hairless sphynx cat, which is quite unique. He’s also the messiest cat we’ve ever known because he doesn’t use the litter box. He only does his business in the shower. When you touch him, it’s like touching a hot water bottle because he’s so warm.

Let’s take a look at another cat of ours, Ahli. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him, but he’s doing well. He’s also a special sphynx cat with no hair.

It’s incredible how far Dali has come. He was in such bad shape when we rescued him. But he’s been stable for a while now, and we’ve been controlling his heart disease with medication. Unfortunately, he has a degenerative heart disease and there’s no cure. We’ve been keeping an eye on him, but it seems like his time is coming.

This video is a tribute to Dali’s life and the wonderful work of Amparo. We hope he stays with us for a long time, but life is unpredictable. We want to thank all of you for your support. Without you, Dali wouldn’t be here. We ask that you please donate to help us continue to save lives. There’s a link below. Please donate and help us keep doing the work we do.

Thank you.

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