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This Pregnant Dog Refuses to Give Birth

Chris and Marisa embarked on a journey to the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter in Ohio. Already having eight dogs at home, the couple was intrigued by a unique newcomer at the shelter. They wanted to see for themselves and decide whether they could welcome another dog into their home.

The dog in question was a six-year-old pregnant pit bull, who was overdue to give birth. In fact, she was so frightened of something that she seemed to be delaying her delivery. Story, the name of the pregnant dog, was brought to the shelter by her former owner, who could no longer afford the expenses associated with a pregnant dog.

According to Rhomberg Bau and Animal Rescue, many shelters tend to euthanize pregnant dogs due to financial constraints. However, that was not an option for Story. When Chris and Marisa had her examined by a veterinarian, the doctor made an astonishing discovery that finally explained the dog’s strange behavior.

The ultrasound revealed an incredible twelve puppies inside Story. For a dog her size, this number was extremely unusual. The situation caused enormous stress for Story, and her several weeks spent sadly in the shelter must have only added to it.

Two days after Chris and Marisa made Story’s new home cozy and comfortable, she finally gave birth to her puppies in a safe and protected environment. All of the puppies were in good health, and aside from two that stayed with Chris and Marisa, they were all adopted into loving families.


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