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The Dog’s Rib Cage is Bent and Twisted

In the early morning light, a lone figure lay on the side of the road. A passerby noticed the creature, an innocent dog, sleeping peacefully, oblivious to the bustling world around her. […]

Puppy Almost Blind Due to Maggot Attack

When our rescue team received the call about a tiny puppy in distress, we knew that we had to act fast. The puppy was less than a month old and his eyes […]

The Dog Was Cruelly Poured Hot Oil on His Body

Maya, a gentle and trusting dog, became the target of a cruel and senseless act when heartless individuals doused her in hot oil, causing her to suffer agonizing burns. These cruel people […]

My Goodness, Look at Him, My Heart Aches

Good morning to all of our followers around the world, and a special shoutout to a follower we have in Mendoza, Argentina. His name is Quique and this video is for him […]